Camarillo Stamped Driveway

A stamped driveway is one on which the pattern or texture of any of the natural slate, flagstone, or wood is embossed to resemble them. A stamped concrete driveway can have decorative options that could not be achieved by other paving materials. We at Camarillo Concrete & Masonry have long years of experience and expertise to make your driveway make the replicas of common natural materials such as brick, wood, flagstone or slate.

Besides affordability, the stamped driveway offers durability and versatility. It is also advantaged over pavers and asphalts.

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Advantages of Stamped Driveway

Other traditional paving options and lush stones will not be economical for using for a stamped concrete driveway. Because of resource limitations, the naturally occurring materials such as flagstone, cobblestones, slate, and granite are much costlier. Moreover, it may take time to collect the desired quantity of these materials. Obviously, when you install on your driveways, it will add to your social and economic status. Moreover, you have the option of customizing your design, texture, and colour. With a one-time investment, you can have it for more than twenty- five years with the minimum maintenance cost.

Design Ideas for Stamped Concrete

Borders & Bands

A contrasting colour gives the visual delusion of elevation or protrusion, and these two features draw the eyes of the viewers. In order to make your driveway cynosure of all eyes, you can opt for borders and bands with contrasting colours.

Special Structure Skins

By using special structure skins, we can make your driveway look exactly like it. The cost is camouflaged under style, making your driveway expensive like a rough-cut stone pavement.


Two is always better than one. If you want your driveway to be a bit distinguished, you can go in for the combination of broom and stamped finish. We use broom-finish for the bands and borders instead of stamped concrete. Thus, the cost is curtailed considerably while keeping the looks double-patterned.

Layer It Up

Layering the stamped concrete is the modern way of renovating your existing driveway, with so many decorative options available, renovating the old one. It will be your best option to bring it at par with the other decors surrounding your house. The process requires covering the existing driveway with your selected overlay. The lower price tag which it comes with still gives it a rich look.

Wise Choice

The ultimate look and status of your stamped driveway depend solely on two factors. Firstly, what choice you make and secondly how perfectly we make it for you. The slightest flaw in craftsmanship will reveal the unnatural features of the stamped driveway, which may even invite comments and criticism from onlookers. Most importantly, avoid using vibrant and funky colours if your home has an antique appeal.

If you have selected your pattern, texture, and colour, it is time; you place a call to Camarillo Concrete & Masonry at (850) 500-2715 with free estimates.