Camarillo Concrete Wall

Concrete walls have always been an essential part of our buildings. They are installed so that they may transfer the load exerted on the floor on to the wall that is beneath the foundation. Due to their immense strength, these walls are mostly preferred in earthquake-prone areas.

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Materials used for Concrete Wall Construction

Concrete walls, commonly known as block walls, are made of concrete to be precise. But, there is a catch. The materials used must be in compliance with the codes and requirements specified in ACI 318-14.

The most commonly used materials for constructing concrete walls include cement of different types especially Portland cement, sand, and other aggregates, mild steel rods, and other materials like foam, wooden sheets, and chips, etc.

Making concrete blocks and constructing walls from it is an easy and affordable option. These types of walls are called concrete block walls or CMU walls. They are comparatively less strong than the poured concrete walls. However, they do serve their purpose.

Advantages of Concrete Walls

Concrete undoubtedly is the most popularly used construction material for decades. There are several reasons for its immense popularity.

It is one of the most affordable construction materials available. Moreover, it’s easy availability, and its constructive qualities make it a contractor’s favorite. Walls made of this material are obviously are cheaper.

All concrete wall needs are room temperature to settle and harden. It is one of the hardest materials known as far as construction is concerned. It can be molded into various shapes and sizes of walls according to the site requirement.

The concrete wall has an immense character and resisting power. It is known to withstand harsh climatic as well as human conditions. Its water-resistant characteristic makes it an engineer’s choice while building underwater structures like dams and reservoirs, among others.

Be it plastic waste or any other fly ash or slag; everything can be mixed into concrete walls. It increases the strength of the wall as well as saves the environment too.

Almost zero maintenance is required when it comes to maintaining concrete walls. A splash of water with mild detergent will make sure that your concrete wall resumes the old texture.

Nowadays, concrete is being used as a decorative element as well. So, you should not get surprised if you come across something very artistic created in concrete. They are being colored to suit your taste as well as your neighborhood.

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