Camarillo Concrete Steps

Concrete steps, unlike other concrete structures, can be a little bit tricky to construct on your own. Making concrete steps involves a lot of designing, and such projects require a trustworthy concrete contractor. You don’t have to struggle with the work; at Camarillo Concrete and Masonry, we are here for you.

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Constructing Concrete Steps


This initial stage can only be done by professional concrete engineers. Usually, our team studies the site and comes up with the best design. Several factors are put into consideration. These factors include your preferences, the height of the floor, angle of the stairs, and thickness of the stairs.

Laying the Foundation and Support

The foundation is usually emphasized since we don’t want your steps to start moving and collapse.  For buildings with the plinth beam at the start of the stairs, steel bars are connected to them. These steel bars transfer the load.

A small concrete foundation is constructed in the absence of the plinth beam. The stairs are supported at the top by the slab.

Building The Form Work

Constructing a proper form-work is important. Dimensions of the tread, riser, and the angle of flight should be checked. When constructing stairs attached to the wall, the risers and line of flight can be marked on the wall for precision.

The boards must be 2 inches thick to efficiently support the weight of the concrete.  4 *4 posts are erected to support the whole structure.

Steel Reinforcement

The concrete steps are reinforced with steel bars.  These steel bars carry the load on the stairs and transfer it to the ground. Structural engineers will calculate the number and type of steel bars to be used.

Pouring the Concrete Mix

Pouring the concrete starts from below.  We usually use strong concrete made in the ratio 3:2:4. A concrete vibrator is used during pouring to ensure all the gaps are filled.  Pouring the concrete ceiling and stairs is done on the same day for a stronger bond.

Depending on your preferences, we can add pigments to the concrete before pouring to achieve colored concrete. This makes your steps fade-resistant.

Removing the Form Work

You can do this on your own. Remove the form-work after 21 days. The concrete can only dry after 21 days. That is when it strong and can carry weight.  Use a hammer and a crowbar to remove the form-work. Do it gently so that you don’t damage the edges.

Hire Camarillo Concrete and Masonry

After removing the formwork, finishing should be done.

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We will send a professional concrete finisher to work on your stairs. Now that you know how commendable our services are, don’t hesitate to contact us for all your concrete projects.