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Concrete foundations are important in almost every concrete work. It ensures your structure stays strong and can withstand any weather conditions. Concrete foundations should be done by professionals to ensure the strength of the structure.

If you are looking for a professional contractor, then you have found one. At Camarillo Concrete and Masonry, we have the professionals when it comes to concrete work.

A professional concrete contractor is what you need if you want a strong and durable foundation. Foundations require a lot of experience and expertise. Only professionals like us can guarantee a durable and strong foundation. Don’t let concrete foundations worry you while we can build a quality one for you. We offer the best service of concrete foundation in Camarillo.

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Types of Concrete Foundations

There are three types of foundations in concrete construction. These are slab-on-grade, frost-protected, and T-shaped. Let’s take a look at the three types. 


This type of concrete foundation is mostly done to support structures in areas where the land freezes.  In this type of foundation, we usually place a footing below the frost line. We then add the walls on top of it. The footing is usually made wide to support the base of the foundation.

We will then place a T-shaped foundation and allow it to cure. After curing, the walls can be constructed, and slab poured between them.

Frost Protected

Frost protected concrete foundations that are designed to work with heated structures. This type of foundation uses two polystyrene sheets, which help in insulation. One of the sheets is placed outside the foundation wall while the other is laid on the gravel at the base of the wall.

These sheets help prevent heat loss from the slab by holding heat from the structure. The temperature around the footings is therefore kept above the freezing point. 

Slab-on-grade Foundation

This type of foundation uses a slab, which is a single layer of concrete that is usually a few inches thick. While pouring the slab, the edges are made thicker to make a footing. Reinforcing rods are then used to strengthen the thick edges.

The slab is laid on crushed gravel. This improves the drainage. The slab usually has a mesh wire cast into it to reduce cracking.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Construct Your Foundation

Just like most concrete constructions pouring a concrete foundation requires a professional contractor. This comes with several benefits. For instance, hiring a professional contractor ensures you don’t make costly mistakes that you will regret.

A professional concrete contractor also will eliminate any possibilities of faulty work.

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