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Pouring concrete is not that hard, but it requires some techniques. Simple mistakes in pouring concrete can cost you a lot of money. That is why you should hire expert concrete contractors like us to do it for you. Concrete work requires close scrutiny and attention. Structures built on poorly poured concrete slabs don’t last long.

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To ensure safety and strong structures, minimal mistakes should be made during pouring concrete.  At Camarillo Concrete & Masonry, we offer professional concrete pouring services. We value your safety, and we advise you to contact us for safe and reliable concrete work.

If you have never done any concrete work, then start with small concrete pouring tasks.  Start with those small ones like a sidewalk. Only pour concrete for a large project if you have some experience with pouring concrete. We will help you with concrete pouring in Camarillo.

A Guide to Pouring Concrete

Here is a guide on how to pour concrete on your own. It will be wise to use the guide for small projects.

Site Preparation

Once you have decided on the area, clear the area of any foreign objects that can interfere with concrete pouring. Make markings of the approximate size. Use a builder’s level to determine the intensity of the slope. For a sloppy ground, leveling the ground may be tedious.

Instead of leveling the ground, consider digging into the slope on the higher side or build-up, the lower side.  Remove the topsoil to allow up to 8 inches of compacted gravel.

Make Your Sub Base  and Add Wire Mesh

This is the material on which your concrete will rest.  Use the road base or granular fill for a sub-base.  Make sure your sub-base is firm and strong. It is what determines if your concrete will last or not. Use a heavy compactor to ensure the firmness of you sub base

You will need to prepare a form. This is a wooden perimeter that you need to erect around your pouring site.  Fasten the pieces of wood together with nails or screws.

Use this for reinforcement. It is necessary for structures that bear heavy load like the driveway. The wire mesh stops small cracks from spreading.

Mix and Pour Your Concrete into the Mold

Mix Portland cement, sand, and coarse gravels in the ratio 1:2:4 and then add water. It is good to use a concrete calculator to determine the exact amount of concrete needed. Use a shovel and a wheelbarrow for small structures. Note that much water in the concrete mix can weaken the construction of the final product.

Use the wheelbarrow to pour your concrete onto your form. While pouring, instruct your helpers to start spreading out the concrete with shovels and rakes.

Screed the Top of The Concrete

Use a screening tool to gently flatten the wet concrete. Start uphill and work your way downwards until you achieve a flat surface. For better results, use a plank of wood and jiggle it back and forth. After screeding, start floating the surface. Do this faster before the concrete starts drying out.

First, use a bull float to press down to help the cream rise to the surface. Keep the trailing edge slightly elevated while moving the float away from you. When you start moving, the bull float towards you keeps the leading edge elevated.

Make Control Joints and Create Traction

These joints help the concrete withstand cracking as a result of temperature changes. The joints should be a quarter of the thickness of the concrete.  Use a broom to create traction by dragging it across the wet concrete.

Cure and Seal the Concrete

As in colored concrete, leave the concrete to cure for at least 28 days. Immediately seal the concrete after 28 days.

At Camarillo Concrete and Masonry, we offer a wide range of concrete services, including concrete pouring.

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