Camarillo Patios

The word patio is derived from the Spanish language, which means Courtyard. It is an outdoor space that homeowners install for recreation or dining with family or friends. It adjoins a residence. In order to make it decorative and to have a good look, homeowners pave their patios with concrete or stone slabs that are known as paving flags.

There are a number of other materials that can be used for installing a patio. These materials include tiles, bricks, block paving, gravel, or cobbles. We at Camarillo Concrete & Masonry have the required know-how and experience of installing concrete patios, stamped concrete patios, and aggregate concrete patios, suiting to your budget.

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What are Patios?

Patios are made of any one of the six basic materials so as to give an individual look. It depends upon your personal preference, your budget, and the location of the patio. The surrounding and overall dimension of outdoor space is also important. If you want, we can depute our architect to make a survey of your site and considering your budget and personal preferences. Then, we can suggest to you any of the Camarillo patios which we can install for you.

Concrete Patios

These are made of a mixture of sand, cement, gravel, and water. We use molds and can make any shape of the surface such as smooth, scored, stamped, brushed, colored or tinted, painted, patterned, decorated with inlays, and surfaced by adding other materials such as pebbles or aggregates.

Brick Patios

These are made by firing clay blocks of different dimensions in a kiln. It has a classic and neat look that can be suitably installed on any kind of landscape and architectural design. Other popular looks include herringbone, jack-on-jack, and running bond.

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone Patios are available in various colors and stones. You can opt for such type if there is a quarry in the area where you live. The flat slabs usually come in the thicknesses of 1 to 3 inches and are shaped irregularly. The surface is slightly rough. Hence, it provides good traction. Other types use limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and sandstone.

Pavers Patios

Pavers patios were earlier available only in off-pink squares ort blah grey. But, now, it is available in more colors and textures. We can make them look like brick, cut stone, and cobblestones. The zigzag edges interlink each other and need no mortar or grout.

Tiles Patios

Tiles patios of three kinds are used for patios. These are i) porcelain are stain-resistant, ii) Terracotta has a rustic look, and Quarry tiles are textured and offer better traction. Glazed tiles are not used as they are slippery.

Cut Stone Patios

Cut Stone patios are similar to flagstone and are cut into rectangular or square shapes. It has square edges and a smooth surface. We use cobblestones for smaller areas or edging for other materials like granite, brick, and flagstone.

The above common options must have provided you with a fair idea as to which type of patio will suit your space and budget.

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