Camarillo Flagstone Patio

Want an amazing outdoor? At Camarillo Concrete and Masonry, we have the solution. Flagstone patios have the ability to make your outdoors look amazing. A wonderful outdoor can increase the value of your property. People will pay anything for a home with a beautiful patio. Flagstones are preferred for patios. Their natural beauty and wide range of colors make them an ideal choice for patios.

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Flagstones have narrow packed joints that allow water to filter through instead of running off. Common types of flagstones used nowadays include slate, limestone, and sandstone. They provide the best patio surface, which is non-slip and durable. Flagstones will also give you that cool deck you have been dreaming of.

Flagstone Patio Layouts and Patterns

The best thing with flagstones is that they can be modified to create both formal and informal patios. A flagstone patio is much better compared to a cement patio. For formal patios, we usually cut flagstones at uniform sizes and lay them in repeating patterns. For the informal design, we lay irregular flagstones in a random design. Informal style is also called crazy paving.

Irregular Pattern Design (Crazy Paving)

This style is ideal if you want a casual-looking patio with an organic appearance. The good thing with the irregular pattern design is that it brings out the beautiful natural shape of the stone. The gaps in between the flagstones are filled with small stones or sometimes the groundcover.

Just like any design this style has its downsides.  It is hard to move furniture around due to the rough surface. Use tables and chairs with wide legs so that they don’t get stuck in between the stones.

Random Regular Pattern

Random regular pattern is the best if you want to achieve an organized formal look. With this design, there is continuity between the joints of the flagstones. When the mortar is applied, it smoothens the surface, making it easy to move furniture around.

There are other styles that fall into the two categories we have discussed. Talk to us for the best patios designs. We are the best patio contractor, and our services are quality and affordable.

Advantages of Flagstone Patio

Flagstone patios have the best natural look that will make your patio look amazing. There is no other material that is going to give your patio that amazing natural look. So, if you want nice natural patio flagstones are the way to go.

Flagstones are durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. This saves you the money you would have spent hiring concrete pouring and concrete repair contractors.

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